My GOAL in 2016

I’ve never written my goals in life because I’ve always planted that seed of my goal in my mind. However, for some reason it did not grow to become a reality. This time around, I wrote it down on a piece of paper. It was actually penned down in ink. clearly. reflecting the current situation and where I need to be 366 days later, considering a leap year, hence the extra 1 day. 😀

So here goes, till 1-1-2017 insha Allah. By Allah’s will it will be.

Found a new Inspiration in Shahrukh Khan




“Ma, if I’d knew being an actor would make one so rich, I would just be an actor and work my arse-off to earn those wealth during those days when we were not as well-off as now”. Those are my naive words recently spoken to my Mama. But that I found out SRK is one who promotes Education as being an important part of growing up😀 So its a good thing I didn’t forsake my education and take it damn seriously till i forgot everything else.

Here I am staying up late due to work commitment in this Tech-Crazy-World, with YouTube running on my brand new SONY Blu-Ray watching King Khan, Mr Shah Rukh Khan (snapped above), and I say this with utmost respect. He is giving a speech to about 1,500 students at YALE University about life’s motivation. My recent craze of DILWALE made me Google-d “Shah Rukh Khan” specifically and it warms my heart (and it don’t matter than I’m unknown to him) that he is:

  • Shared the same faith as I do
  • He is a nice guy as much as I can read about him (least controversies, coz I find so little of it)
  • He does charity quitely
  • He is a family man who works really hard (so he deserves every bit of wealth he earns, because I strongly believe since a young age that One Reaps what One Sows)
  • He was granted a Doctorate from Edinburgh University
  • He was granted a Datuk-ship from one of the Royal State in Malaysia
  • And he has many more honorable awards
  • As at the time I wrote this few listings, he is the 2nd most richest Actor IN THE WORLD.
  • And his recent movie soundtrack video clip in Reykjavik, Iceland, made me want to go to Iceland.
  • And right now, I’m at part 2 of the Yale University talk by Shah Rukh Khan.

I am proud to be a fan of Shah Rukh Khan for his achievements that are no doubt commendable. And having watched his recent movie, DILWALE for the third time – soon to be fourth time. I am happy that the recent movie JOLTED the BOLLYWOOD FEVER madness in me which I left since almost 10 years ago. Wow!

However, on a more personal note, when Google-ing for SRK, once cannot missed the unexplainable friendship-relationship between him and Kajol. Like he puts it, there are just good friends. They are easy, comfortable just the way they are. Nobody can come between them. It kind made me miss once-upon-a-friendship which I have completely lost. But the whole thing thought me a whole lot more about life than what I thought I already knew.

I may still be naive to believe all the things I read about SRK. It don’t matter. I still believe SRK is a good man with a good heart, with good intentions. And that’s enough for me to say I’m a proud fan.

And I’m dreaming of making that Iceland trip happen this year on my birthday even if I have to go there myself on a Virgin Solo Long-Trip *insya Allah*. Then, once there, I’ll send a YouTube video dedication that SRK did somewhat touched my heart in those few motivation speech I watched him delivered at Edinburgh and Yale (via YouTube).

I have another celebrity, turned friend, whom I respect and love dearly like my brother.

I thank ALLAH SWT for all the blessings upon me and those around me.

And thank you Shah Rukh Khan for just brought back the spark in me about love, about crying, about hope. I can’t believe it came through via DILWALE. Maybe, just maybe, the reason I’m watching DILWALE again and again and again and again *at the cinema, mind you* was due to a deeper reason because it brought back a piece of me, which I lost few years back, because I was distracted over other things that I lost sight of myself.

Subhanallah…I believe what I believe.

OR if not any of the above, its just the BOLLYWOOD FEVER that hit me REALLLLLLY HARD :S

SCMS 2015 “Go-For-It”

It was September of 2015 that I impulsively signed up for SCMS 2015 for the Corporate 10km-category. I wasn’t thinking much then. I figured I had ample time to pick up running again. Partly to shed some weight as I love to eat and I’m beginning to feel the impact of being overweight. So with the SCMS 2015 far in sight, it should form some kind of a motivation – like a million dollar carrot dangling in front of me. 

Few weeks after, I started my badmintons and runs. As short as that statement, the new routine was even shorter. Not proud of that slacker-attitude. I got no one or nothing to blame but myself as I didn’t take notice of my goal, let it slipped through by giving priority to other things which at those time, feels more pressing. 

Today, just 3 days shy of the Marathon day, I can safely say the fear has come over me. I started reading up on tips on runnig again like I did 3 months ago. Now is no more about my PHYSICAL CAPACITY to carry “80-over kilos” of mass across and around a 10km route. I MUST BE COMPLETELY INSANE!! Even I thought so myself. 


Now the aim has take a twist. Ah hah! This marathon, is more of a psychological and emotional decision. That was how it started anyway. My impulsive feel triggered this so called “idea”. And this gut feel will pull me through, In Sha Allah, may ALLAH ease my every NIKE steps. 

It will be a personal achievement, stepping up from my 5-km FUN RUN in SCMS 2011. Its been 4 years since. I could imagine I just double the stake and dragging double the weight. On average I might just perform exactly like how I did back then. God Forbid I don’t just collapse during the run. ALLAH, please take good care of me.

With that, I shall just “Go-For-It”! It might lead me to that healthy lifestyle yet again. In Sha Allah. Aamin.

Here we go ! Go! Go!

Work Life Balance

Sometime I feel rather idiotic when I find myself questioning the very priority between my job & my life. The importance between them both are crucial. But a job, if lost, can be replaced. Maybe not as lucrative as the one lost but still manageble. 

However, a life lost is simply put – irreplaceble. If I die today, next day the company will go on a hunt to replace the vacant seat. No. of days the company remembers me probably is almost close to none. But, if I die today, my family will be at a lost. Probably I’m being too dramatic but I guess the very question whether work or life is important is a question that never should have arise. Looking at the circumstances and the recent happenings in the office. I feel like a fool already to even ask myself that question. 

So let’s keep that 3pm appt & let’s fix myself before I fix the mountain loads at the office. 

Ramadhan Mubarak


Alhamdulillah…glad to see another blessed Ramadhan. Moga Allah memelihara diri ini serta keluarga dan sanak saudara, tak lupa sahabat handai dalam menjalani ibadah puasa.

Sesungguhnya aku teringin & berusaha menjadi umat mu yang taat dan redha. Ameen.